A lot of people go to church during 31st December every year; I hear and see people saying “this New Year is a year of success, prosperity and a whole lot of stuffs on their life. I just want to clear this doubt from your mind. Whenever you say anything unto your life work it out, when you talk it you work it, then you will be successful.

I want to tell you out there today that, A NEW YEAR has nothing new for you, it just a continuation of the ending year.

So if your life is better you will continue feeling better, on the contrary, if life is not better then you have to make something new for yourself, make a change for yourself . We always say this year is a year of success in my life but your work, determination and focus will determine how successful your life will be.

It is  about time we stop talking and work what we always talk. “If you want something go get them, what is important to you, who do you love?

Go tell them, tell them now! You only have one shot if you miss the target at least you will leave with pride knowing you have no regrets”.

Your life can only be better in the New Year if only you decide to be better. Don’t leave like everyone else is living, be the captain when all others are content, be  a leader when all others are following, keep your herd when all others are losing theirs, be the lion when all others are playing a sheep.

Whenever you give your words make sure you work it. Say I gave my words so I will work it, I will make it happen.

Don’t just talk, walk the talk and your life in the New Year will be new for you. And know that success is a battle between you and yourself only, stop competing against everyone else. When something is meant to happen in your life, it will happen at the right time and for the best reason.


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