Sammy Adu Boakye, the host of one of the popular show

“ CHURCH BELLS “ on Sundays at Kessben Fm has stated Christians should do well to go to church today as the President has eased the restriction on church activities.

The president as of 31st May eased the restriction on Church activities and asked a maximum of 100people to hold a service at duration of an hour

Church Bells is a Christian Drive show hosted by Adu Boakye which focuses on only Christian programs and the trending news globally concerning Christian Related activities.

Adu Boakye is a very fine Christian Gentleman.

He stated that Christian should do well to pass through to church just give something to God.

He said the church is also a place where others are employed to work and the offering we pass through to give unto God helps in paying some of these paying. Doing so will help support the work of God and attract his blessings.

He is a religious man who believes in the things of God.

He criticizes men of God who comes into the news or does anything contrary to the word of God by asking a series of panels questions on his show just to clear the doubt of his listeners. He has been in the radio business for a while propagating the gospel through his programs.


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