Time is a raw material of life and when you waste time you’re wasting your life. Yet many young people today waste a lot of time in many ways. Many young people think they have all the time in the world and so they don’t live with urgency.

They don’t take time management seriously. But I tell you if you don’t take time management seriously, in your old age or retirement you will ask yourself where all the time you’ve had has gone to and you will regret for wasting most of your time.

There is a saying that reads “time and tied waits for no man” so we should therefore make good use of our time even with the limited resources as a young person. Because time management is foremost thing every individual must have and abide.

Just pause and make a reference back and remember your days in the primary school, it seems like yesterday and so you shall pass. Time passes so quickly, therefore, take time management seriously.

Today you’ll be here with so much energy and power but remember there is one thing you cannot control in life and that is TIME.

So take your time management seriously. As a young person, don’t waste most of your time going out with friends to party all in the name of fun and enjoyment.

Instead invest much into your time because the only important thing you can invest in as a young person and never regret is your TIME.

So be mindful of what you do with your time because your life is your time and time is precious so don’t waste it.




In life, most people allow their current situations to affect their lifestyle and functions just because they can’t let go! Many young people today worry about how their lives should have been previously instead of considering their present and future.

They focus more on the things that they couldn’t do with their past rather than what they’ve got today and what the future holds for them the days ahead. Be more concerned and passionate about your life today and the life tomorrow.

Your life is like a mirror when it falls and break you cannot rebuild it again with broken pieces. Instead of perpetuating yourself to-be-fit into your past omen, think ahead. Always see things deep into the future. Don’t get stuck because you didn’t get good education.

You deserve to be better, you deserve to have more, and you deserve to be great so think about what the future holds. The future is what you can control and not what belongs to the past.

Always try to be vibrant and don’t stay at one place so long expecting something which is invisible and unknown to happen whiles you’ve got all the time to make adjustment into your future life.

One thing you should know is that, “there is no success without a chain of failure and every chain of failure is leading towards success”.










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