Many at times we go through life wondering what to do with our lives.

I  just don’t want to understand that, but so far as we’re humans with emotions; we’ll definitely feel deserted and even at times feel like all hope is lost and so we cannot move on with our lives.

One way or the other, we all go through tough times in our lives.

Sometimes we don’t get any quality education or better grades, we don’t come from a well to do home and many other factors that crumples our passion to persevere in life.

But that’s OK personally have gone through a lot of tragedies and uncertain situations in life. I was at a point where everything around me was incomplete and total darkness. I could not see any light in my life. Everything was so disappointing that I thought my life wasn’t worth it any longer.

There wasn’t anything like hope in my life. One fateful day, I decided to make a decision to take my own life and destiny into my hands.

Though it was a very tough decision to make but since I don’t have any other option, I made that decision.

Look, I want to inspire you who is so frustrated and confused to a point where you do not know what to do with your life. That, persevere a little more. There is one thing I know for sure in life. Thus, the moment you decide to give up, at that same time, something great is about to happen in your life. So always try to give life one more chance, one more try and if not for anything, persevere a little more, because of who you could become.

Even if that is to cause you to lose the most important people in your life, just let off all the emotions and the nightmares that comes with it and persevere a little more. I want to encourage you and bring to your thoughts that, there is an abundant wealth of resources in you to take your life into an incredible land of possibilities, only if you’ll persevere a little more.

I keep on telling you not to settle for anything less below your potentials. Because of who you’re could become only if you’ll persevere a little more! .Don’t settle for anything less in life and never say, it cannot be done because it hasn’t been done before.

“I want you to be able to create a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling lives’ for yourself and learn how to use that to make an impact and a difference in your life and in the lives of others”.

And always remember that you don’t know who you could become, only if you’ll persevere a little more.






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