“Remember this, to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did”. Your life is a gift so live it.

Don’t waste time on meaningless things. Take every single opportunity that comes your way seriously and make the best out of them.

Don’t take life for granted and live everyday as if it may be your last day on earth. And make the best decisions of your life today.

The past is already gone and the Future is not yet here, but the present is a gift that you have. So hold it well and make good impacts of it. The only thing you control is what you hold in your hands.

Let go off the past regrets and focus on what you have now, because it’s the only thing you can take full control of. Those who died yesterday had plans for today and those who died today also had plans for tomorrow. But they no more exist and such is life.

You never know when you will have that chance again so why don’t you live your fully best today. I know some of you are fighting for your life, fighting for your future, fighting for your career and fighting for your family. Whether you win or you lose, you choose.

So fight for what you want now because your life is a gift. Make every breath of your life count. don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Don’t take this magical thing call life for granted.

Reflect in all your actions and take complete responsibility for your life. One day, it will be over and when that day comes, we’ll all look back on our lives. And we’ll all wonder, did my life mean anything to this world? Was I loved?

“You won’t be worried about your certificates or bills, you won’t be worried about your hair and you will certainly won’t care about your favorite TV shows.  You won’t spend a second thought of others opinions and judgment. You only have one shot and if you miss the target, at least you will leave with pride knowing you have no regrets”.

Don’t live like everyone else existing. Because Albert Einstein said, “Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that counted truly counts” Now here is my words of encouragement. “I want you to be able to create a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling life’s for yourself and learn how to use that to make an impacts and a difference in your life and in the lives of others”.

And remember, LIFE IS A GIFT. So don’t lose it! May the presence of the Lord that transcends beyond human understanding, rest on your thoughts.





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