“I want to leave a legacy that many years after I have left, my people will realized yes! They had a man”.

Create your own path if no one does it for you. Chase your dreams and never  live your life to please others.

If they don’t make you, they’ll break you. You’re in charge of your own life. So live it to its fullest satisfaction and as mark for your next generation.

Though its hard, its painful and sometimes you’ll feel like giving up but always remember your WHY!

Why do you do what you’re doing? Is it for yourself or for anyone else? Thousands of people success depends on you. So don’t give up.

You can’t afford to fail them!

Do it and never stop

If that means you are to stand alone. Stand tall and fight for what you want. Never give up because you’ve got everything inside you to take your life into an incredible land of possibilities. So don’t stop! Keep going.

Even at a point where everything around you seems to be disappointing and worthless. No one will fight for you.

Fight for yourself. Never listen to the naysayers, because they don’t have anything positive to sustain you in the journey. It’s going to be tough, it’ll definitely be hard and resistant.

I don’t know what your dream is. But if your dream is as big as mine please don’t sleep on it! Make your life matter and make every breath of your life count.

Don’t say it hasn’t been done before. If it is possible for me, it is possible for you too. You’re the master of your own dreams and you only hold the master plan to that dream. So work on it until it becomes a reality.




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