Just A Moment

Many times we go through life wondering as to what to do with our lives. Sometimes everything is not just OK with our life’s.  Most of us jump from one Job to another just to find an OK life for ourselves.

One thing that we normally don’t consider is, WHAT CAN I DO WITH MY LIFE?

It is actually true that you definitely need someone to show you the right path to choose.

You’ll need a mentor, a Coach or even a counselor, but maybe your case is almost similar to mine. Knowing yourself very well that you’re capable of doing something that will really have an impact and make a difference in the lives of others.

But not having what can take you through the process or the journey. Not having healthy connections or people who can lead you.

Sometimes it becomes so disappointing and all that you can think of is that, THIS WORLD IS AGAINST ME.

Most especially when you really know people you think they can and ‘ll be able to help but it all end up not equally the way as you thought it would be.

The people that you counted on all turned their back on you.

Even to some,  gave you the assurance that they could do something about your case but it’s all turns to be impossible. Is not because you’re not Lucky or not from a better home. And not that the universe is against you in some way. Maybe you’ve not find yourself valuable.

There is something unique about you that you’ll need to discover it.

That is, what can I do to improve upon myself! And you don’t need the approval of anybody before you can do that. Even the only person who you’ll need his approval has already endorse you.

He formed you with that drive so you need no approval to start. God has already placed in you gifts and potentials that can take you through the process. And you don’t need a week, a month or a year to start.

All you need is JUST A MOMENT to decide. You don’t need the clock to go round eight or ten times before you make a Giant Decision. But just a moment.

Which does not matter where to decide or the certificate you’ll need to acquire before you make a decision. You only need just a moment. I don’t complain about my circumstances or where I am not! Whenever something goes wrong in my life.

I ask myself; how can I improve with this to be a better person next time. What can I gain or learn from this to improve my life. Here is one of my favorite quote and I think it brings home the point. And it reads;


It doesn’t matter who born you or where you came from? The most important thing is to first see yourself worth it before you can be worthies. Is not about the amount of money in your account or the people you have around you. Maybe they’re energy vampires.

They won’t make you but they’ll break you. So what you need to think about is…..


Never forget this three piece. It will help you in your life and will spice up your success story.

Remember, you only need just a moment to decide what to do to be better in life. “A journey of thousand miles begin with a step”.

Just a moment and that’s all you need. Now may the presence of the Lord that transcends beyond human understanding rest on your thoughts.  But before you wake from bed every morning, say to yourself,






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  1. I always in touch by your inspirational message. Keep it up because the world need a great leader like you

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