What Lesson Has Covid 19 taught You -Phase 1

In times like this that most of us are at home and we are all adjusting ourselves to stay safe in other not to fall prey to this virus, I want to remind and encourage you that, this too shall pass.

I’ve observed and learn so many things ever since the covid-19 pandemic came into the system.
As we’re all aware that experience is the best teacher, I trust every one of you have experience things that you were unaware and even to some of us didn’t pay the needed attention to.

Upon all the treat and danger this covid-19 pandemic has posed on our life, I regard this situation as one of the greatest opportunity for me and you to backup, rethink and reform our attitudes and life.

I’ve personally done a very intensive research and analysis about the status and State of people who live within my community.

And have realized that most of us especially we the YOUTH were not living our best in life before covid-19 came into the system.

One of these things is;
The readiness for uncertainty.
Most people were confused and did not even know how they can adjust themselves to stay safe and free from this pandemic.

And I figured out that, it wasn’t because of fear or tension but it has to do with the readiness of their mindset.

In other words, people have poor mindset towards the pandemic due to the way they chose to live their life.
They are the people who think they know everything in life and refuses to adopt change.

They think their reckless wisdom can help them live and continue their life without any fear or threat by this pandemic.
They lived their life any how forgotten there won’t be any misfortune like this pandemic.
Their poor thinking and believes led most of them to face series of problems and challenges.

Some had problems with the government and also posed their family to threat and danger by the pandemic.
Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to speak to someone who contracted the virus and even get his family members affected.

This noble man told me Look, I heard the rumors at work that few workers had had the virus but I didn’t believe that. I thought all is a lie.

And again, I believed I’m a Christian and therefore I can’t have the virus but until I had it, there I realized everything said about the virus was real.

Which means he decided not to observe the social distancing, washing of hands, use of sanitizers and nose mask.
The sad story about his case is, he said, I saw death visiting me and my household when it proofs I’ve tested positive for covid-19.

The lessons I learnt from his story was that, Even in the Bible when Satan tempted to test Christ, He did not say he has all the power in the universe so he will even heed to what Satan said to him about what he Satan can do. He dared not to challenge him. But rather asked the devil to get away from his sight.

And he did.
Comparing what Christ did to what this Noble man also did when he heard covid-19 is just around him, I’ve come into conclusion that we cannot always depend on our might and be successful at everything.

We sometimes need advice, guidance and coaching in one way or another.
And also, living careless life can cause you to lose something valuable in life. And therefore we need to adopt the right mindset about life and the unfortunate things that can happen to us in life.

Though I’m just a mortal being and therefore cannot think for God but I thought God allowed him to test positive for covid-19 in order to reform his thinking and believe system about the reality of life.




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