1. And again, another thing I also observed throughout my findings was. The lack of not saving or investing enough.

Most people live from hand to mouth and therefore do not put anything aside for difficult days and season.

Most people never considered savings and investing during the absence of covid-19.

So they really find themselves deserting and wanting during the season of this pandemic.

Most people especially The Youths spent all their endings on material things and never thought of what the future can hold or bring.

They have to sell out some of their belongings even including their clothes and shoes in order to survive in this time of covid-19 hardship.

It so pathetic that some even go to the extent of stealing and breaking into people’s household to loot all in such of food.

Surprisingly, all these young people never put up such deviant behaviors during the absence of covid-19.

Some were caught and beaten mercilessly, others have to face court injunctions and so on.

Is so sad to see someone very energetic and able young people full of potentials but never want to utilize their strength and ability to fight for a better future but instead put up behaviors which is against societal norms.

I want to tell you that, the lack of saving and investing today will make your old age depressed and over dependent on others.

I wish we’ll all change our old attitudes, believes and mindset we sometimes have about life and choose to live our life as a stranger who won’t live on this planet forever and start to prepare ourselves for a better journey future.

We all have within our spirit an abundant wealth of resources to take our lives into an incredible land of possibilities.

We have adequate potentials that we can tap them to transform our lives for a better future.

Now here is my words of encouragement. Whenever you go to meet all your friends transforming their life into something different from what you all know, first ask for their why? And if you find out it is something that can save you from a misfortune, you should also take the opportunity to change yours. Maybe that could be the only chance you might have to change and transform your life.

Now may the presence of the Lord that transcends beyond human understanding rest on your thoughts. Amen. Stay safe and stop the spread.






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