What you want to do
Why you want to do that and
How you want to do it

As you journey through life, you may encounter series of opportunities and chances but as to what you choose to do depends on you.
Some of us go through life not knowing our PURPOSE. Is so sad to see an aged person who have spent almost 80-90% of their life not having any positive impacts in life.
Sometimes I just don’t want to understand them neither to blame them. Maybe their earthly life was full of negative Omen. But irrespective of how hard life smash you to the ground and the number of times you fail in life, you must  find your PURPOSE.
Because your purpose will serve as a directive guidelines that will guarantee you to a successful life. Knowing your purpose means self-discovery.
After discovering yourself, you must find WHY YOU WANT TO DO THAT.
It will be useless not to tap and use your potentials after discovering yourself.
Your earthly life will have no meaning and impacts after you’re gone into eternal life.
Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah once said, “I want to leave a legacy that many years after I’ve left, my people will realized that; YES! They had a man”
Though it is very important to find your true identify but equally useless when you fail to impacts your potentials.
Life can be rude but your purpose remains clear as long as you pursue it.
There is one thing I know for sure and that is, I BELIEVE WE ARE WHO WE CHOOSES TO BECOME.
Is not about luck but is about who you want to become.
After knowing why you want to do it, you must also discover HOW YOU WANT TO DO THAT.
Your earthly life makes a complete difference after you discover how you want to live your life purpose.
One day it will all be over, and when that day comes, you’ll look back on your life in your last breath
And it is those in whose life you’ve made any impacts that you can count on.
You must have a plan for yourself and know that you’re here on this Earth to live only for a moment.
Albert Einstein said, not everything that counts, can be counted and not everything that counted truly counts”.



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