In our previous episode, we talked about ‘BURNING THE BRIDGES’. Thus, overcoming the things that prevent us from being our-self in life and having everything we dream we can hold in life. One of the BRIDGES we need to burn as we journey through life is;


One thing I have come to understand in life is that, whenever someone do not want to do something, that’s when he/she make excuses to seek for justification. Sometimes it’s not that they can’t do what we’re doing but it’s because they don’t think they are capable of doing same. Instead of giving themselves the chance to try, they’d rather find excuses to give. So whenever it happen so, I don’t normally force myself on them. Maybe they’ve decided not to taste success ever in their life.

To some of them, they would rather go to the extend of discouraging you not to find meaning to what you’re doing. But the truth is; they will never know what you’re gaining unless they know what they’re losing. Excuses are one thing that kills dream and most people are literally living an average lifestyle just because of the excuses they keep on giving all the time. But one truth about life is, the more you do it, the better you’re become.

It is naturally true that, sometimes you need to try it over and over and over again before making it right. Excuses limit life and it brings nothing good to your life. Living an average lifestyle to some people maybe OK but in the end, you may look at some of your friends and think they’re ahead of you, forgotten that, you all had equal opportunity and time space to make a difference in your life. Excuses will always make you feel that your life is limited and that the universe is not on your side.


A lot of people go through life pretending. There is no guarantee to pretend that everything is OK with you. A lot of people are trying to live an OK life knowing clearly to themselves that, they’d need to be more, to have more and become more. They’ve force themselves to pretend that everything is OK with their life. Always feel that wherever you are in life, you can live more. You can have more. You can become more. Life is too short to live an OK life since there are no guarantee to that.

Whatever you want to do in life, decide to do it now. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Maybe you may not have equal opportunity. If you want a better grades, decide to have it now. Be it your house you want to change, decide to do it now. If you want to have more of everything, decide to get them now. Don’t wait till you’re 65 before you plan for the future…. Because by then, you may have only 5 years left to live on earth. No one will do that for you.

No one will write you story for you. You’ve got everything right within you to make that difference. If it is about freedom that you want, decide to have it now. If It’s BRIDGE that you need to burn, burn it now. Don’t wait for it to grow because you wouldn’t have that experience to handle it when it grows equally with you.




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