I do not know how you’ll relate to this. But in any case, I want to bring home the point that: no matter what you go through in life, the ups and downs, the struggles and the pains, and all other factors that makes you feel weary in life sum up to one word. DISCIPLINE!

Is discipline that work all. If you’re not discipline, you can forget about the game, the trophies and all the greatness. All champions have discipline!
Discipline is the only attribute that completely defined a champion.
The secret of every champion is discipline! Because all champions and successful people go through tough times and moments of their lives. Once they all failed but the only thing that kept them going is their discipline.
Sometimes, life can challenge you, life can smash you down again and again and again and the only thing that can get you back on track is your discipline. ‘You don’t get in life what you want but you get in life what you have’. And what do you have? What’s your discipline?

The only difference between the average and the successful, is one word. And all champions and successful people will tell you, we’ve been through the most difficult and tough moments of their lives and the only reason why they made it through is their DISCIPLINE!

‘After the preacher man and the motivational speaker has left, the manifestation and the Impartation of the word depends on you’.
if you don’t have the discipline to digest it, then forget about being championship.
I come to talk to you all the time but until you discipline yourself, forget about the influence by my words.
You need to be discipline and that is a must. Apparently, you’ve got everything within you to be disciplined and that’s the sub-conscious of your mind.
You can be strong and energetic. You may have all the potentials but if you don’t have discipline, forget about you making an impacts and a difference in life.

Your attitude is your altitude. So the more you become disciplined, the greater it reflects in your attitude, because your attitude is everything in life.
So from now to the very end of life, work ten times more on your attitude than you do on your work. Period!

We believe in our future self.


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