There is only two ways you can choose to journey through in life. Is either you choose the EASY WAY or the HARD WAY. People who choose to go by the easy way are mostly those who live an average life in the society. They’re those who choose to remain in their comfort zone because of the presence of comfortability. They end up being deserted in life.

On the easy way are freedom that last only for a short time. Those who choose to go through the easy way usually moves in circles. And in the long run consider suicide as the final resort to their problems. On the contrary, choosing the hard way has a lot to do with discomforts and hardship. The road to success is hard but it isn’t impossible.

‘There is no easy way around it no matter how talented you are. Because your talent can fail you if you’re not skilled. Talent we all have naturally but skill is been developed by working hours by hours and hours on beating on your craft. I have not particularly viewed myself very talented because where I excel is ridiculous, certainly not worth it. Because when the other guys are sleeping I’m working, eating Im, working, playing I’m working’.

You’ve got to burn your own SHIT and FUCKING bridges. No one will do it for you! Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Keep climbing when all others are standing down. Trust yourself when all others doubt you. I don’t know what your dream is, but if your dream is big as mine, please don’t sleep on it. Period!

I want my life to mean something. For people to look back on my life and say YEAH! I made some tough decisions but it was the right one. One day, it will be over and you will look back on your life in your last breath. And you’ll all wonder, did my life mean anything to this world? Did my life matter? Don’t take this magical thing called life for granted. Be the lion when all others are playing a sheep.
Life is how you make it. You’ve got to choose your own fate.

Remember that, nothing in this world is impossible when hearts and minds are put towards it. Live every moment of your life with passion! Be gratitude for every moment in your life. Never take things too personal. I believe you are who you chooses to become.

I want you to forget all the reasons that says YOU CAN’T and believe the one reason that says I CAN! Never live your life to please others. Because success is a battle between you and your self only!


We believe in our future self!


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