Burning the bridges in life is one of the difficult task in a person’s life. I know some of you are tired of being victims. Tired of being told your life is not worth it and therefore you cannot achieve anything in life.

And I also believe some of you are going through the most difficult times in your life. Anything around you seems to have no life and you’re thinking that the only way to come out from your depressed states is to give up on your dreams.

Even to some of you, you’re thinking that suicide could be the only resort to your problems.

I know it is painful but I’m here to tell you that FIGHT BACK!

Fight back for what you want and what you believe.

Fight back for your family, your future and for yourself.

You can’t contain the consequences when you give up too early.

You can make it. So fight back!

I know sometimes it’s really difficult to accept the fact that upon all that you are going through in life, you can still make it. Your current situation shouldn’t cloud your judgement.

Keep hopes alive and hold on for a moment.

The moment you decide to give up on something, at that same moment something greater is about to happen in your life.

So persevere a little more. And don’t give up on yourself.

You’re in charge here. Life maybe tough but you’re tougher.

There will always tough moments, tragedy and pain. But if you stand stall and fight back, you can make it in life.

Don’t let anything or anyone sway you away from your dreams. Hold on and fight back.

Is about time you decide on what to do with your life and stop living other people’s dream.

You’ve got everything you want within your spirit to take your life into an incredible land of possibilities.

One day, it will be over. So fight back and don’t stop fighting until you win.

Success is a battle between you and your self only so fight back for what you believe in.

I don’t know what your dream is but if your dream is big as mine, please don’t sleep on it.

This is your life so fight back and push harder.

Go through the pain and you will come up on top

I know you can do it so fight back and don’t back down. Push through the pain and in the end, you’ll be called the champion.

‘In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins not through strength but through persistence’.

So fight back

Take charge of your life and fight back.

Develop a strong mindset that no amount of words from the outside world will ever cloud your judgement.

Be a dreamer who wakes up to work his dreams into reality.

Nothing in this world is impossible when hearts and minds are put towards it. So fight back for what you want.

Maybe there are things in life you want to do but you can’t do.

And there are places you want to go but you can’t reach. Just fight back and make your mark.

Live your legacy. Don’t give up! Fight back and you will win.



we believe in our future self!


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