I had the opportunity to attend a funeral in my area sometime ago. As i sat there mourning the deceased, a whole lot of things were going on in my mind and what actually freaked me out  was a testimony a young lady gave during the funeral rite.

The words of these lady really filled my heart with sorrow and grief. As I was sitting with my arms folded on my chest, I felt the sparks of my heart beat and it was like a continuous thunder striking within my heart.

As I listen to this lady, I asked myself how many of those present at that moment could take a lesson from her speech?.  Honestly before she could end, I broke down into tears.

This lady said she met the deceased just some few months ago. In fact, they haven’t known themselves that much but for the little she had known about the deceased is what she is testifying to.

And she added that if she had knew this was going to happened, she would have let the deceased tell her more about who she could become in future.

The whole thing was like a dream to me.

One thing that she said that really caught my attention was that; when she met the deceased she realized he was not rich even sometimes what to eat was a problem for him but there is one thing that he would be remembered of.

That’s, his impacts on her life. The hope he brought into her life and the joy he gave to her heart was beyond compare. She said, he brought nothing to my life but he gave me hope to live and explore within that short time.

And she also added that the guy said to her one night on their date that, if she is able to live her dream for just a moment and he dies, his soul will really rest in peace.

Because to her, she met the guy at a point of her life that she thought the entire world is against her.

The very moment of her life that her own family has deserted and rejected her. And at the moment the only hope left for her in life was to take her own life. In fact, her final resort to her problems.

But hope began to fill her heart on the first date she had with him. It was there she began to believe her life was worth living.

She had nothing left with her in life but Ishmael gave her hope that inspired and impacted my life.

He said to me if I could believe I can become who so ever I believe I could become, that alone will give him the maximum satisfaction in life.

And as she keeps talking I asked myself, if I were to be the deceased, will I have someone who can inspire and transform the life of others by the legacies I lived behind?

Will people get to know and understand that they can live more and become more in life? And do you know the answer I gave to that question?


And when that day comes, I won’t spend a second thought on others opinions and judgement.

So the best thing I can offer to this world is to LIVE MY DREAM so that when I die and am gone, my people will realize that; YES! they had a man.

I don’t know what your dream is but if your dream is big as mine, please don’t sleep on it.

If your dream is to help people come out of their state of tragedy, please! Do it now!

If yours is to encourage people to do more, to have more and become more, please do just that. Don’t wait till tomorrow because it may be too late for you.

Live your life like Ishmael who gave hope to someone who thought the only resolution to her problems is commit suicide.

Because one day, it will all be over!

You only have one shot. So if you miss the target, at least you’ll live with pride knowing you’ve no regrets.

Who do you love? Who has loved you? Tell them. Tell them now! because you never know when it will be your last chance!

I want you to live your dream in order to make an impacts and a difference in your life and in the life of others. That, will be true success

If you live your dream and die, your dream will live after you. Period!



we believe in our future self!




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