1. Start your day with confidence

Starting your day with confidence has something to do with a feeling of certainty or belief. In other words, faith or firm trust.

Thus, you having the inner most feelings that, irrespective of how hard your day may go, you’ll have a positive result.

Starting your day with confusion may sway you away from your vision. You can make unintentional mistakes   because of the confused state of your mind.

Sometimes those mistakes may cause you to deeply regret your actions when one comes into realization.

And can also cause so many damages and could even hinders progress.

Most at times you go to bed angry either by what one was told or heard. Or something actually went wrong with your day.

All these happens when one usually has a very bad day.

This is what I do in order not to wake up confused the next morning whenever something went wrong with my day.

Thus. I listen to more of inspirational stuffs before I go to bed. In fact, I make sure I have a clear state of mind before I catch some sleep. Or I read, write and watch more inspirational archives and by so doing I re-ignite my conscious thinking.

So I wake up from sleep the next morning with so much confidence because I pumped in some positive vibes last night before catching sleep.

You can also overcome your egos by finding something that truly inspires your inner feelings and emotions then make it a practice until it becomes a habit.

So that you can build your confidence based on that at anytime.

  1. Talk to your self positively all the time

I am very caution about the words I say to myself more than the things I think of.

I have learnt how to use my I AM carefully to improve my life positively.

Because the words we say to ourselves carries weight and are very powerful.

Instead of me saying to myself I AM UGLY, I would rather say, I AM HANDSOME.

  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • I am a winner instead of I am a loser.
  • I am strong instead I am week.
  • I am intelligent instead of I am an average.
  • I am wise instead of I am an idiot.
  • I am hopeful instead of I am hopeless.
  • I am somebody instead of I am nobody.

Using the right, I AM means you’re sending in an invitation for those words you’re saying onto yourself.

I am strong. Health comes looking for you

I am intelligent. Knowledge comes looking for you

I am hopeful. Hope comes looking for you

I am handsome. Beauty comes looking for you

I am wise. Wisdom comes looking for you.

The right use of I AM has a strong power to change circumstances around you. So use the right I AM.


Instead of complaining and grieving on the cause of your problems, find a way to solve them.

Whenever things did not go the way I want it, or I didn’t plan to be, I don’t say why me?

Why did this happen to me?

But I say, what can I learn from this?

How can I share and improve my life with this?

I focus more on how to improve upon myself than to criticize my flaws because where focus go, energy flows

Learn how to use the right I AM to improve your life in your current circumstances to be able to create a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling life for yourself and learn how to use that to make an impacts and a difference in your life and in the life of others.


When you wake up in the morning, what drives you?

What set you up for success?

Why do you do what you do?

Whenever you feel like quitting, remember your WHY?

Why you got started in the first place?

Develop a passion for what you do and always be in service not to yourself but to people.

Because this successful thing people talk about having a wonderful is not all about you but the people you can touch and transform.

By all means chase money but doing that to the exclusion of your WHY? I will advise you choose your WHY?


living a healthy lifestyle has something to do with what you take in and what you feed your mind with. As well as what you do to keep your body in good shape.

Make time to exercise

Eat healthy

Learn to identify the differences between what’s right and wrong.

Always check your company because it is your association that determines your acceleration in life.

Make sure you are engaged into healthy relationships all the time because it can affect your mental focus and clarity.



We believe in our future self!


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