Santasi Apire All Saints School Saga

Gone are the days were the exact words used by Michael,Ernest,Essel,Issah,Frederick, Bannerman,Samson and Alex when they met once again after so many years  for Kofi Mensah’s younger brother’s funerial ceremony at Patasi in Kumasi.They were all classmates over two decades ago in one of the most prestigious international private schools back in the days.The compound was big enough to serve as multipurpose sports complex,the tutors were well trained and qualified per all requisite standards,the management were highly focused on the branding and ensured students excelled above average at the time and relatively the fees was quite enormous but most parents and guardians  assumed it was value for money.One would therefore expect that after over two decades the school should be ranked amongst the top and leading educational institutions in terms of infrastructure and most importantly academic performance but is that the case? This is the point where the obvious question comes to play,so would one be right to say it’s an issue of misplaced priority by school proprietors or a typical mismanagement issue.I decided to use this educational institution as one of the typical examples not only because I was a student there but also to highlight the fact that mismanagement and misplaced priorities are all lifestyles.Your life is in your hands to make or unmake and no progress is too early or too late in life.let us therefore manage our life’s well and set priorities that would propel us to greater heights at the appropriate time.



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