Mangodown as it is popularly called has been a hotspot for pedestrian accidents especially after the construction of the Sofoline interchange in Kumasi and the community can still not phantom why nobody seems to be concerned about this.

Making a critical assessment on the rate of accidents over the past decade, it is quite clear that it has been far too long that these occurrences have taken so many lives and many more have had to battle for survival at the emergency wards of Komfo Anokye teaching hospital.

Just within last month three other pedestrians were knocked down once again and they all lost their lives on the spot.One a young man in early 30’s,another a woman in mid 60’s and a very young girl below 10 years.This is a rather unfortunate situation especially in this era of civilized modernization where this could have easily been prevented with just a simply constructed overhead footbridge just like any other with typical examples in Accra to be precise. There are specific examples of overhead footbridges in areas like Madina,Lapaz and so on which should be no different from the Sofoline to Patasi stretch because it is equally as busy or even more looking at the magnitude of vehicular movements on the highway. As the old adage says that it’s always better late than never the advocacy for a footbridge at Sofoline to Patasi Mangodown begins now and would require all the players in charge to act swiftly because each life is precious and we can’t afford to lose anymore.

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