Muna KinPin the musical revolution

Ishmael Larbi Otchere, known professionally as Muna Kinpin, is a Ghanaian Rapper, Songwriter and

Revolutionist from Accra, Osu. He is contributing much to the hiphop culture in Africa by putting out exceptional rap songs and mixtapes. He enrolled at the University of Cape Coast where he studied Psychology. He Lost his

dad at an early age, He was raised by a single mother. Growing up Muna Kinpin didn’t want to be a burden so he moved out and had to be on his own. He was on the street hustling day and night to make a change, had his

high and lows, rejection from his peers and a whole lot more. He didn’t let nothing stopped him from achieving his dream despite the odds, instead he channelled his energy with all he’s been through in his music. He

currently released his debut Studio Album (TalentNotWasted) and making a change in Hip Hop culture  in

Africa.Checkout some of his bangers on his youtube page https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP9JIbsjDvc3d7_xd5MUB2wR7gAXVJBIi

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