Why Is Hope Important?


According to the English dictionary Hope is defined as

‘The feeling of trust, confidence, belief or expectation that something wished for can or will happen’.

Hope to me is the voice within the human spirit that speaks, thinks and sees things beyond human understanding and beliefs.

That is to say the inner feeling of trust about something wished for can happen.

It also about how deep you see things deep within you that others can’t see.

Hope is a feeling of confidence or belief that can re-ignite the human spirit to rise up above being human to the level of a BEAST that no one can tame.

“when you have nothing to lose, you turn into a beast” and that is the power of having hope that all things are well.

Even when all others say NO you say YES because you got Hope!

Why Is Hope Important?

I believe we’re who we choose to become. It does not matter your level of intelligence or the size of your heart

Because it takes the human spirit to have hope and every human has the same spirit within them.

To have hope do not require any certain training or education, It a sensational feeling within the human spirit. You need no special spiritual prayers before you can have Hope.

Its a state of mind and consciousness. It’s about the things you feed your mind with. The words you listen with ears and the pictures you see or watch with your eyes.

So if you’re able to control these things then automatically, you’ll have hope even if there are no signs of happening.

And also hope has something particular to do with the rightful way of using and choosing of your I AM.

Literally, you become what you continually say you are.

Imagining you saying to yourself always that I am strong. You’ll naturally find out that strength keeps coming your way

I am healthy then good health keep coming your way

I am energetic then vitality keep coming your way.

I am beautiful then beauty comes looking for you.

I am fearful then power keep coming your way.

What you choose to do with your I AM can change your destiny.

Before the last man falls, be the last person to say; I have hope that even when I fall, I will rise up again.

Hope should be the last thing you will give up as human.

Believe in who you can become. I believe in me and if you don’t believe in me, I won’t believe in myself any less. I won’t doubt myself anymore Because hope is all I got.

Hope makes you feel fulfilled and complete as human which doesn’t mean pride! Even pride is you knowing that your character has prevailed.

Don’t give up hope or settle for anything less below your potentials.

Have the hope that you’re the change that you want it to happen in your life.

Don’t settle for meaningless things. Always have the hope of being the champion when all others back down.

You need hope to thrive through this journey of success


Hope is the ultimate defense you’ll need to stand and fight for what you want in life.


Have the hope to climb the culprit ladder of success even when all others are standing down

You need hope to carry on with your life and to make a significant change in this life full of possibilities. Thus, the hope of becoming the leader even when all others are fallowing.


Because you need hope to drive your vision into an incredible land of fulfillment and satisfaction. 


we believe in our future self!


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