Today I am going to tell you about the two categories of people we have in life.

For the past few months I took it upon myself to conduct a survey and this was my results.

After I have confronted over one hundred people to find out why most people are not living their dreams and why they sometimes think and feel like their dreams are unreachable? I came to realize that on this planet we’ve two categories of people when it comes to dreams and their responsibilities.

The first category of people is those I called THE DREAMERS and the second are THE RISK TAKERS.

Among these two categories, every person living on the planet earth belongs to one of these categories. And what makes the difference is the other category.

Thus A DREAMER…Every human being with life has what I call ‘A DREAM’ because everybody was born with that thing called a DREAM.

Ten out of every ten people I engaged have series of dreams. Sincerely, some dreams are scary and can even keep you thinking for the rest of your life but that isn’t the problem as to why those dreams are unreachable. Others too were very clear and so sure about what they were go to do with their life.

And within my survey, I noticed that the main reason why people are not able to live up to their maximum best in society is that; there are people who are within the early lives of their life and others who are of their ages and yet are still dreaming their life. They keep dreaming the dreams they had dreamt for the last ten, fifteen and even to some twenty years ago in their lives.

And what amazed me was that out of every ten people there are 6-to-7 of them  who keep saying if only I could become this I will be able to do this or become that.

And the most hilarious part of their narratives was that, nothing in their life’s shows or indicate that they could become what they say; if only they become this they will do that’

Because they’re not willing to put in any effort to try if they could reach out to their ‘dreams’. Their dreams are only real when it happens for them to say with their mouths but when it comes to action, is a NO NO!!

They talk about big things thus how their life will be when they are living in their dream House, riding their dream cars and all that luxurious lifestyle they only see in their dreams.

But their actions towards their dreams says ZERO and to some is not about fear or they don’t have the opportunities to utilize their potentials, gift things and crafts.

But the willingness to pursue their dreams is what they’re not ready to go through that extra miles to do that.

They wish that just as they see in their dreams living a lavish life should happen to them automatically when it comes to reality

They have all the projections in their minds but on the actual ground, it is not. The funny aspect of their life was that they’re the people who always try to live as if everything is OKAY with them.

About 70-80% of them are people without limitations regarding to pursuing their dreams into reality.

Even some of them have the potential resources in achieving their dreams and goals at the expense of their comfortability but yet chose to be a dreamer who have all the ideas in the world right in their heads.


They are those I called;


The achievers

The hard workers

The visionaries

The persuaders

The dream makers

They are those who don’t spend too much time in bed because their dreams keep hunting them.

Their desire for making a significant change in life is greater than the pleasures they could enjoy living in their comfort zone.

They’re the 3 out of every 10 people who sleep late in the night and wakes-up early in the morning chasing their dreams.

They’re the very few people who put in the work and are ever ready to go that extra miles to make their dreams a reality.

They’re the people who sacrifice their comfortability just to live for their dreams.

They don’t care about how much pain they have to endure before reaching out to their dreams and goals in life.

They’re more desperate and concern about their end result and not the efforts they need to put in.

They’re the people who don’t wait for an opportunity before they act. They create their own path.

They are the people who look to themselves in the mirror every morning and say I CAN DO THIS irrespective of the INVALIDATION’S.

They are the people who always give themselves the last chance to try even when that still fails them. They are the people who asks for help if they need one.

They are the people who do not need anybody’s approval before they take action.

They are the people who do not need any magic pills before they succeed. They are the people who takes action and responsibilities for their life.

They are the people who believes in the beauty of their ideas and stand to fight for what they want in life even if that means they are to fight alone.

They don’t care about how many negatives and failures that comes their way.

They don’t care the number of times they will be deserted and rejected.

They don’t care as to whether they have good educational background or not.

They’re the HEROES who will be remembered so many years after they are dead and gone because their legacies will live after them.

Don’t dream your life…… Live your dream! And your dreams will live after you.



we believe in our future self!


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