Here is one of my favorites quote and it reads;

“The person you will be in the future is based on everything you do today”

And this applies to anything you think of, believe or act on. The results of your actions today will begin to manifest tomorrow. And that is so true! The things you do or you don’t do will all sum up and affect your future.

The books you read.

The movies you watch.

The music’s you listen to.

The food you eat.

The people you hang around with.

The things you believe.

The future you imagine.

The life you live and any other thing you do today both negatives and positives will affect your future self. The decisions you make and the steps you take will all reflect in your future. The information you feed your mind with is what will shape your future life!

Guess what your future will become if you always feed your mind with negative thoughts and garbage’s all the time! Your future self-demands you to be happy and strong. Don’t be too bias to your future by feeding your mind with negative thoughts.

You’re not harming anybody but your future self! If you want your future self to be full of fulfillment, then begin to feed your mind with positive thoughts today. If you truly want a healthy future, then begin to eat healthy and make time to exercise and rest now.

If you want your children and grandchildren to live in joy, then begin to put in the work today. Whatever dream you hold on today, you hold it against your future. If you treat people with respect today, your future self will be filled with dignity.

Commit to feed your mind with successful thoughts and surround yourself with people with the same ambitions. Be committed to self-development and not self-distractions.

It doesn’t matter where you get your information from, your future self-demands you to be better.

Your future self-demands you not to become just an average. Begin to feed your mind with positive energies and vibes. You deserve to be better than you are today so don’t let anything or anyone take that away from you!

Commit to be better than you are today in the future. Your future self is begging you to work harder than the rest today than you do tomorrow. Your actions will equal your results. So if you want success put it in. If you a future self to be full of satisfactions and fulfillment, put it in! If you want peace and happiness put it in.

Your actions today will dictate your future life. Don’t feed your mind with mediocrity thinking. Live everyday as if it may your last day on earth.


we believe in our future self!



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