Am in my mid-twenties and almost all my play mates and former class mates are also in their twenty’s and when we meet to talk, almost all us have dreams and visions we want to achieve in life.

They say they are going to do this and that. They say they are going to be the greatest ever but when time come to show up, they disappear. When tough time comes, they are nowhere to be seen.

When challenges come, they begin to ask why is this happening to me? Why am I going through all these? Talking is not enough, you must work!

Talking is not enough, you must put in the effort. The only that differentiate few of us from the rest is, when challenges come we face it. When tough time comes, we push through it! I give it all my best because I gave my word!

I don’t say why me? Why did this happen to me. I never say why did I fail? I say charm me! Is that all you got? Give me more!

Because I gave my word! Talkers talk! But workers work!

Instead of me complaining why I’m not where I suppose to be, I say, HOW CAN I GROW FROM THIS? How can I share and impact other people’s life?

How can I improve with this so that this won’t happens to me anymore? When you talk it, you work it! When you say you are going to do this, make sure you do that! Say to yourself


No matter how difficult it may be, I will do this and I will make it happen! When you honor your word, you build integrity for yourself and for others

But when you fail to honor your words, you lose respect for yourself and from others. Don’t live like everyone else existing be extra-ordinary. When it gets hard,

 I gave my word! When it gets painful, I gave my word

I will work it out than the rest. I will get it done. Because I gave my word!

It doesn’t matter how will I do it. I don’t care how big or small my dream is; because I gave my word! It’s called PRIDE, and pride is when you know that your character has prevailed!

I don’t care who is there for me or against me because I gave my word! Follow through with your words! And you will build pride that no one will dare under look your worth anymore. Because you gave your word!


we believe in our future self!



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