‘A strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion or feeling caused by actual or perceived danger or threat’.
One of the most important thing any human being can do is to rise and face your fears! For some time now I have come to realize that the greatest killer of dream is fear.
A lot of people are not living their dreams because they fear that bad things are supposed to happen to them.
Here is one of my favorite quote and it reads; the problem of Africa is that we believe in the things that can harm us more than the things that can increase us!
In other words, because we strongly believe that bad things are supposed to happen to us, we tend not to live our dreams and to accomplish them. Why because we feel fear is all around us!
There are many people out there who are living below their potentials because of the fear of failure!
For about 5 years now, there is nothing like a problem in my life. Because the moment I see it as a problem, I seizes to grow and improve upon my life! So instead of running away from my fears, I face it and make sure I overcome it.
I always find a way to turn my fears into opportunities that will prepare me as I move into the future.
Because ‘nothing in this world is impossible when hearts and minds are put towards it.
As we go through life, we are faced with series of opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible because of the fear of failure. Fear becomes no enemy to success whenever you face it and do it anyway.
Sometimes you don’t need people to approve you before you take a step. You only need a strong mindset to face your fears.
You can be the most vulnerable in society with the least privileges and opportunities or the poorest ever!
But when your courage to face your fear exceed your fear of failure, you become the most powerful person in the entire society.
You only need courage to face your fears and not power!
Fear is believing that something bad is supposed to happen with no evidence.
Fear becomes realistic when you try to run from it.
Fear can change your belief system and negatively affect the way you see things and your way of thinking!
Hey look, Courage is not pride!
Courage is there is fear that I’m willing to die for what I want and to fight for what I deserve.
Rise up above your fears and you will see things will begin to work on your way.
Be fearless and stand tall
Because there is no easy around it
Be part of the few people who will rise up above their fears and say to themselves that I WILL because I CAN!
I don’t fear anything or anyone that will come across my way because I am willing to die for what is mine in the universe.
I strongly believe we are who we chooses to become.
So fear can’t stop us from accomplishing our goals.
Why because we chose our own path and defend our integrity.
We are the conqueror of fears.
I’ve choose to work on myself more than I do on my job!
My fears can’t stop me from reaching my goals. I am limitless!
The only way to test your fate, is to face your fears! Always decide on what to do and don’t be a second thought of others opinion and judgment about your life matters.
Don’t wait to be great before you do it, do it anyway and be great!
You may not have all the experience or resources but don’t forget you’ve got all the ideas in your head.

We believe in our future self!


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