There is this African proverb that reads;
‘If there is no enemy within the enemy outside can do you no harm’
There are many people around who are not concerned about the things that you did fine more than the things that you did not do better. They are those who will always defined you according to their perspectives and observations.
Their intimidations are so strong in the sense that it can kill the human spirit within you when you don’t create a strong mind. When you refuse to allow any doubts in your mind then no doubts from others will ever cloud your judgments.
Don’t concern yourself with people who don’t think about you thinks you are! Don’t allow any wrong thoughts to grow and exploits your judgments
Many people are not growing and not been at where they supposed to be because of the wrong doubts and the judgments from the outside world.
If you can see it clear in your mind, then you can hold it right in your hands. Don’t allow anything or anyone to outweigh your desire to succeed.
You’re in charge of your own thoughts and judgments. So take full responsibility for it. Don’t allow people to feed your mind with their wrong opinions and judgments.
Don’t allow anybody to sway you far away from your dreams! ‘If you got a dream, you got to protect it’
Don’t let anybody tells you, you can’t achieve your dreams!
They’ve got their own dreams and so do you?
You’re in charge of your own life and destiny. You alone will take full responsibility for your actions and inactions. So don’t be a second thought of anybody else opinion.
You decide your fate, and choose your own path!
Get the SHIT done!
Stay away from people whose idea is to let you feel you’re not worth-it. Surround yourself with people who believe in the beauty of your dreams.
They are those who can help you bring out the best in you and to serve it to the world.
Believe in yourself when all others doubt you! Trust yourself when all others give up on you!
Feed your mind with successful thoughts every single day and always try to be a better person than you are yesterday! Your life is a mirror and your actions and inactions will reflect in your future
Surround yourself with people who will motivate you by their actions and inactions to do more, be more and have more!
Don’t settle for meaningless things. Always try to be on top of your game
The human mind is strong! The human mind is so powerful but it can be the greatest destruction ever in your life.
When you incur in your mind a lot of successful thoughts, you build pride and dignity for yourself!
No one care about your future. No one care about what you choose to do with your life or about who you could become.
So always focus through with your own thoughts and judgments. When you believe in you, you need no other to believe in you. Because others really don’t have any say about who you can become!
Face your toughest days with the greatest resolution ever!

We believe in our future self!


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