Most of us go through life feeling rejected due to our limitations and hopelessness. Maybe you couldn’t spell correctly at school and you get mocked by your friends. Or you never have a rich Dad or Mum to buy you the materials you suppose to have to be able learn at school.

Even to some of you, you were dropped-out from college because your parents couldn’t pay your tuition fees.
So you couldn’t continue with your education to the highest level. Nevertheless, you were very brilliant at school.
But yet you have to back-out from school since that was the only alternative you have. Even to some people lost their parents at a very tender age so were left on the streets.

Most of us also grew up in situations where the only future that awaits us is to become just like our poor parents. We didn’t have any rich Dad or a powerful uncle to create a that compelling future for us.

Everything around us was poverty including our thinking and imaginations. Life and destiny never give us the hope that we can live a life beyond our limitations. Unfortunately for us, we were made to believe that money and riches were evil. So we were never taught how to peruse them.

But if money were to be in the family or if we had any powerful or rich uncle in the family, like grandma Akoto who always tells stories at night wouldn’t have died because of hunger. We were only taught money is the root of all evil so we shouldn’t possess it.

Tawiah who was the most intelligent child in the family wouldn’t have grew-up as a palm-wine tapper.
If money were to be in the family. Auntie Aba’s beautiful twin children wouldn’t have died because of malaria if Wofa Kwesi had had money to take them to the hospital!

Awurabena whose ambition was to become the family doctor wouldn’t have be a mother of 5 at the age of 19.
Now here is my words of encouragement;

To those of us who are fighting the fight that our ancestors couldn’t fought, running the race that our parents couldn’t run; Should always remember that we can become who so ever we dream to become and I believe we’re who we chooses to become.

Though life can be rude, life can be unforgiving and life can smash you down again and again and again but if you stand and develop the persistent desire that you will succeed and fight for what you want, you’ll definitely come up on top.

I don’t know what your dream is but if your dream is big as mine, please don’t sleep on it. Nothing in this world is impossible when hearts and minds are put towards it.

If you can see it clear in your mind, then you can hold it in your hands. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go but so far as you keep moving, one-day it will be over! May the presence of the Good Lord that transcends beyond human understanding rest on your thoughts Amen!

We believe in our future self!


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  1. Powerful bro. Thanks for this article. I will be so impressed if I were to see more people read this to reshape their life. God bless you bro. I pray that the good Lord will continue to strengthen you as you put in much effort into these writings.

    #We Believe in our future self

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