In our lives, sometimes we are rejected because we don’t qualify or meet certain criteria for a specific course. It can come from parents or family, school or the society. But whichever means you are being rejected doesn’t end your story.

Apparently, being rejected doesn’t mean your life is at a halt or your story of success has come to its peak!

It simply means you deserve something better than what you are looking for at that moment…. God have created every human with some unique footprints. And sometimes before you live/leave your legacy or mark, you deserve to be rejected for a reason.

Maybe you finding yourself at that particular place will suppress your potentials and the depression that will come by it, could crumple your effort and results.

Moreover, it also means you need to go that extra mile to become that extra-ordinary person you are or you could become.

It’s the fuel you need to aim higher.

That’s why I keep telling to you to work on yourself and mind than you do on your body so that anytime you face rejection, you can overcome it with ease! It very simple.

So that you don’t need to ask yourself why did this happen to me? Or to speak I’ll into your life. Sometimes when you enter into situations like this, which ever words you say, tend to affect you in the long run…… Be it negative…. Or positive

Let your state of rejection motivate you to do more, be more and become more. You need not to worry because you’ve been rejected. But remember that is not the first time it’s happening.

Someone was or have being rejected before you so take it on the low key. And ask yourself that, how can I learn from this? so that this will not happen to me ever again. Or how can I share to improve my life with it?

Because whatever decision you take at the specific moment will have a great impact on your life!


You do not need others approval before you can become the better version of you.

You only need you and you ONLY to be great.

Perhaps, don’t be scared of making mistakes. Doing something and getting it wrong is at least ten times more productive than doing nothing.

Remember, not all that smile to your face has a pure heart or genuine thoughts about your future

We are surrounded by too many fake people who can appear as angels but deep within them is that form of Godliness. Whenever you are making a decision in life, listen to your heart first.

Never live your life to please others. You need no one’s approval. You only need that of God…. And even before he made you, He has His approval on you!

So if I want something in the universe, I go after it with everything I’ve got inside me. Because God has already approved it and that is how we can become successful in this life that everybody is trying to be like everyone else is.

I strongly believe we are who we choose to become! Don’t be a second thought of anybody else opinion or judgement. Because one day it will be over. And when that day comes, you won’t spend a second thought of anybody else opinion or judgement.

You’re in charge of your own life. So live it!


There is no way you can become successful if you’re indiscipline to yourself! Be discipline in all your ways and you will become successful.

All successful men, are discipline. They are too particular about their steps and the things that they say or do!

Be discipline to eat a strong healthy food. Be discipline to work on your mindset than any other things. Check everything that comes out from your mouth and choose your words carefully so that you won’t harm yourself.

Be discipline to become the best version of you and no one else!

Success is a battle between you and your self ONLY



we believe in our future self!



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