Blakk Rasta Uncovers How Aftermath With Shatta Wale Began

Aftermath With Shatta Wale Began

Candid reggae artist and telecaster, Blakk Rasta has related his side of the story on how the longstanding fracture among himself and Shatta Wale started.

The veteran reggae artist lamented that Shatta Wale affronted him and communicated no regret after he helped him discover his feet during the most minimal minutes in the early phases of the last’s profession.


Talking in a meeting on Kingdom FM, Blakk Rasta revealed how he met Shatta Wale, at that point known as Bandana. He depicted the Dancehall craftsman as an unreasonable individual who neglected to recognize him after he got convenience and assets from Shatta Wale’s comparative with support his music.


“… one day he (Shatta Wale) called me and said [listen Blakk Rasta, there’s one of my uncles he’s so rich… he adores you. At this moment, I’m enduring, I don’t have anyplace to rest; no one needs to play my music, nothing is occurring for me.

“In the event that you can enable me, to go with me to my uncle and converse with him, I’m certain he’ll have the option to support me… ] that was the time he delivered a melody called ‘Performer politricksters’… so he approached me and I went over with him to his uncle and consistent with his words his uncle was all over me, so cheerful. He’s called Uncle Rocky…

“What’s more, he gave him cash to create his music, his collection and even gave him a spot to rest… after about a year he called me and said his uncle had shown him out of the house… I called the uncle and he said he was over yonder and all the medication addicts were going to the house and I didn’t care for it… ” he told the host.

Blakk Rasta further noticed that his relationship with Shatta Wale took a sharp negative turn after the dancehall craftsman achieved him seven of his melodies to be air-played yet he depended on play only one since he didn’t appreciate the rest.

“… he presented to me a few melodies… a ton of melodies, they were around six, seven tunes. Also, I preferred only one melody; and that was ‘Mother,’… which I used to play consistently.

“I wasn’t getting with him. All I heard was he allowed meet… . Also, that was the place he said that [Black Rasta and the rest are deceivers… I gave him seven tunes and he’s played only one song].

“I resembled goodness, is this how careless you can be, the reason did you not utilize this occasion to reveal to them that I coordinated you right to your uncle. He gave you all the cash and I never at any point took a penny from you. I drove you right back, at that point you didn’t have a vehicle… ” a displeased Blakk Rasta included.

He noticed that things got from awful to more awful between them after Shatta Wale horribly affronted him via telephone when he connected with him over an opposition which individual dancehall act, Stonebwoy was wrongly pronounced the victor.

In spite of all these, nonetheless, Blakk Rasta said he has gotten more profound and as such isn’t resented by what occurred between them. He stated that he was not longer irritated that Shatta Wale had been dissatisfied to him.


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