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Capture Pastors, Prophets Over Bogus Races Forecasts

The Founder and Leader of Faith Redemption Chapel International Prophet Elisha Arhin is pushing for the capture of Ghanaian Pastors and Prophets who anticipate bogus general races result.


A few Pastors and Prophets in Ghana before broad races are prone to foresee which ideological group will develop a victor even before declarations by the Electoral Commission.


Prophet Elisha Arhin talking in a meeting with Ambassador Community Project facilitated by Pure Fm’s Osei Kwadwo blamed some for these ministers and prophets who anticipate the result of general appointment of attempting to look for consideration and get gigantic church individuals.


As per Prophet Elisha Arhin, these purported Men of God make pointless pressure adding, “The law of this nation would need to manage ministers and prophets who anticipate bogus decisions result”.


“In Ghana, individuals are prepared amazing a specific ideological group so they don’t joke with regards to general decisions. On the off chance that a minister or a prophet predicts that party An or B will win general races, individuals from that gathering will never trust in the result of the decisions if never goes to in support of themselves” he clarified.


He added that ministers and prophets who anticipate races results make pressure previously, during and after the decisions adding that they must be captured and indicted.


Prophet Elisha Arhin, in any case, asked godly men to abstain from anticipating races result.


“God can uncover to a godly man about the result of races yet it is the duty of that godly man to realize how to express it to spare this nation from pressure and disarray. In some cases I can’t help thinking about why two righteous men will foresee result for various ideological groups. One will say party A will win then the other one will say party B will win. God will never repudiate himself”.


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