Asesewa ECG Staff Drove Out Of Office By NPP Allies Over Supposed Harm

Asesewa ECG Staff Drove Out Of Office

Some irate individuals from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) at Asesewa in the Eastern Region have pursued out the staff of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and bolted the workplaces.


They blamed the Company for purposefully cutting force flexibly exactly when the Vice President, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia was going to address a mission rally at the Asesewa market on Tuesday night.


The incensed individuals blockaded the ECG premises and requested the laborers to empty their workplaces since they presumed the laborers were set for harm the NPP lobby in the territory.


A specialist who addressed JoyNews said they hauled them from their workplaces onto the compound and bolted the principle entrance.


He portrayed that the abandoned laborers needed to scale the dividers, deserting their vehicles and different properties before they could return home.


Disclosing what prompted the force cut, the laborer who argued namelessness said the Asesewa area has its wellspring of intensity conveyance from a substation at Akyem-Tafo, thus the Asesewa office couldn’t have purposely interfered with power gracefully when the Dr Bawumia was charged to address his gathering.


He expressed that a group needed to follow the wellspring of the force slice to Boti where a tree limb had fallen on the primary circulation link.


As per him, despite the fact that the test was quickly corrected after the Vice President left, a few networks are yet to have power reestablished.


A main individual from the NPP in the Upper Manya Krobo voting public, Philip Mamphey, in any case, can’t help contradicting the clarification of the ECG.


As indicated by him, the demonstration to cut force gracefully whenever the NPP holds a convention has become one too much.


“Concerning power, the can be crisis blackouts more often than not. Be that as it may, this isn’t the first run through this is occurring in the Upper Manya electorate, In 2012, something very similar occurred and in 2020 it has happened once more.


“Thus the network and our gathering individuals have suspected that this is an intentional demonstration t make our gathering disliked and upset the program. What’s more, that is out of line,” he said.


When reached, Eastern Regional PRO of ECG Mary Eshun Oppong affirmed the locking of the workplaces.


The ECG staff have since detailed the case at the Asesewa Police station.



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