There’s going to be that moment when the only hope left for you is to get back to your feet and defend your course. That moment when all that you’ve had as a prize is gone and there are no signs of regaining back your formal glory and prestige.

That moment when you are being challenged by life. That moment when life smashes you down again and again and again. That moment when there is nothing left for you to re-build upon your lost glories.

That moment when all the voices around you says NO! all hope is lost and gone forever. That moment when everything is taken away from you living you retire in distress and prematurely.

That moment when everything that work for your good has now turn to work against you. That moment when your loved one has now become your greatest enemy.

That moment when everybody has rejected and deserted you because you hold no meaning to their presence. That moment when your own family has now turn their back on you.

That moment when your own kids have sworn on their life that they wish you never birth them. That moment when your own life partner will say I cursed the day I met you and I regret marring you.

That moment when all happy times have now turn into a mourning night. That moment when the entire universe seems to be working against you. That moment when everything you touch turn into a curse.

That moment when all those you’ve invested in them remember not your existence.

That moment when all those you brought hope into their lives remembers you not. That moment when all those you’ve counted on for so long truly don’t counts anymore.

That moment when all the good names you’ve gained at the cost of your life has faded away from the people’s mouth. That moment when you put in much efforts but your results shows nothing

That moment when your effort was so high but your reward shows a best last place.

What are you going to do when that day comes?

What will be your reaction when they all turn their back on you?

What are going to do when you are challenged by life?

When life smash you down. when life put you to a place where you don’t deserve to be there. When life takes all hope farther away from you. There comes a day when you’ll certainly have nothing left to offer this world that is trying to make you feel like everyone else is. When that day comes,


And rise to the level where no man can take you there.

Get back to your feet and say to yourself;


Get back to your feet and say I have a genius in me. Get back to your feet and say I WOKE UP IN BEAST MODE!

So I’ll fight until the outcome is mine.

I will fight until I win.

I’ll fight until I am declared the champion.

I’ll fight until everything I’ve lost in my past has now become my present benefits.

I’ll fight until there is nothing again to worry about

I’ll fight until I bring hope and restoration to my people

I’ll fight until the people reconsider me as their leader again

I’ll fight until all that worked against me now work for my good

There will be only one moment in the side of a dash. Make sure that dash is not in empty. Make sure it is full of life…. Full of living. Make every breath of your life counts.

Get back to your feet and make your life matter.


we believe in our future self!





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