Man Blamed For Compelling Himself On A Slay Queen Speaks Up: We Came To An Agreement

Man Blamed For Compelling Himself On A Slay Queen Speaks Up

– A youthful Ghanaian rich man, Too Much Money, has opened up on a claim that he assaulted a kill sovereign by the name Nyamewaa.

– He said he never assaulted her, and that they consented to engage in sexual relations after he requested an iPhone 11 Pro for her.

– Too Much Money said the assault charge began after he purchased a vehicle for his sweetheart who likewise turned out to be Nyamewaa’s companion.

– She mounted tension on him to open a store at Madina for her, when he opposed, Nyamewaa cooked the assault charges.

A youngster by the name Too Much Money, who has been blamed for assaulting slay Queen by the name Nyamewaa, has tended to the issue.

In a video located by Giantnews, the youngster has rejected that he ever assaulted Nyamewaa, and advised the functions prompting them having intercourse. Columnist becomes hopelessly enamored, gets hitched to man she met for story According to him, Nyamewaa energetically consented to lay down with him after he made a request for her to have an iPhone 11 Pro.

A collection of Too Much Money and Nyamewaa. Photograph credit: Ghpage.com Source: Facebook notwithstanding that, he likewise gave her a whole of GHC2,000 to be utilized as transportation after they had great sex in his home.

This while, he kept up a decent connection with Nyamewaa without any assault charges until he purchased a vehicle for his sweetheart, who turned out to be Nyamewaa’s companion.

After observing the vehicle, Too Much Money said Nyamewaa began mounting tension on him to open a store for her at Madina to which he revealed to her that he would consider it. The weight got unending as time passes lastly, Too Much Money disclosed to her that he won’t have the option to open the store.

All at once, Nyamewaa compromised that she would tell the entire world that he assaulted him in his home. Ghanaians offer contacting encourage to couple wedded for a long time without kids Subscribe to observe new recordings Nyamewaa has had the option to get the support of her companions and together they are looking for equity against Too Much Money that he assaulted their companions.

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