We Didn’t Drive Akuffo-Addo Away – Kpone Traditional Council Reacts

We Didn't Drive Akuffo-Addo Away

Kpone Traditional Council has depicted as deceiving reports guaranteeing that the Paramount Chief Nii Tetteh Otu II irately drove away the President last Sunday.


President Akufo-Addo on Sunday cut turf for the development of a 40-bed clinic for the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality expected to be finished inside two years.


Notwithstanding, data flowing via online media hours after the function recommended that the President of the Council, Nii Tetteh Otu II resented President Akufo-Addo.


At a media preparation on Tuesday, Divisional Chief of Gbetseli, Nii Tei Kojo Amankwah Sune I who talked in the interest of the Paramount Chief exposed the distribution.


“The falsehood via online media has placed the name of the conventional chamber into offensiveness and we speculate a few people out there need to wreck the warm relationship we have with Nana Addo.


“We are extremely glad about the clinic venture and think that its stunning for anybody to state the customary specialists here are disappointed with it,” Nii Tei Kojo said.


As indicated by him, Nii Tetteh Otu II was just proposing to President Akufo-Addo that he had wished the wellbeing office was a multi-story structure to help monitor land.


He stated, following the recommendations, Nana Addo requested that the Paramount Chief examine with the temporary worker of the task for any adjustment that should be possible to the structure.


From that point forward, a three-part board has been set up by the customary gathering to organize with the contractual worker on the venture.


He further clarified that the Paramount Chief’s hand motions have been misjudged and depicted in the negative sense via web-based media.


“Having sat tight for a task this way, we were cheerful that it was at last going to emerge,” he showed.


Nii Tei Kojo Amankwah Sune I and different bosses repeated their joy for the undertaking and cautioned the chamber won’t stop for a second to make a move should those behind this misrepresentation be found.


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