Nigerians Uncover Desmond Elliots’ Side-Stylish After His Disputable Remark On Nigerian Youth And #EndSars Fight

Nigerians Uncover Desmond Elliots' Side-Stylish After His Disputable Remark On Nigerian Youth And #EndSars Fight

Nigerians uncover Desmond Elliots’ side-stylish after his disputable remark on Nigerian youth and #EndSars fight


Following his announcement in the Lagos State House of Representatives where he reprimanded Nigerian youth for being apathetic which required the notorious #EndSARS fight, Desmond Elliot has been set up for public mocking.


His remark which has become profoundly questionable had delivered him with no way as netizens chomp hard into his skin and point solid denouncing fingers at him for opposing the young.


This has created a hardened web-based media campaign against Desmond Elliot where all his mysteries is being revealed and uncovered before the nosy eyes and ears of general society.


In such manner, another advancement which has emitted out of this entire campaign is a confession on Desmond Elliot where a few Nigerians are guaranteeing that she is neck-somewhere down in extra-conjugal undertakings.


As per the post located online where he is matched with his alleged side-stylish, a record is made of how Desmond Elliot, in view of his political presentation, has utilized the occasion to be laying down with different women aside his legitimately married spouse.


As per this disclosure, Desmond Elliot has brought forth a kid with this woman without the information on his better half. The one behind the report took steps to make different bits of proof accessible if Desmond Elliot should dare him.


Without a doubt, Desmond Elliot has been hanged to dry!


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