Gifty Mawunya Dumelo Joins Husband To Deliver Campaign Message

Gifty Mawunya Dumelo Joins Husband To Deliver Campaign Message

The state that behind each effective man is a help spouse and this is the tale of entertainer cum lawmaker John Dumelo and his better half Gifty Mawunya Dumelo.


Gifty who has been firmly supporting her better half participate during one of their Campaigns to counsel allies of the National Democratic Congress (NDC not to take part in political questions.


Tending to the Ayawaso West Wuogon Women’s Wing of the NDC in her nearby vernacular (ewe), Gifty also called Miss Gee required the full help from its individuals as they rally towards the December races.


“We should all be joined together. Through that, we can win the impending races. Like my better half stated, battling each other and taking part in superfluous squabbles will just upset our odds of winning the seat. With petitions and difficult work I realize we can make it,” said Gifty Dumelo said in a video on her Instagram page.


She subtitled it; “#idey4u… I had a wonderful occasion to communicate with Ayawaso west wuagon ladies’ wing in my local language.”


In the interim John Dumelo has set out on a genuine Campaign to win the West Woguon Parliamentary seat. He as of late gave a few understudies PCs to help his work.





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