‘My Woman’s ‘Distin’ is Too Big’- Young Man Cries Out For Help

'My Woman's 'Distin' is Too Big'- Young Man Cries Out For Help

‘My Woman’s ‘Distin’ is Too Big’- Young Man Cries Out For Help


A youngster has kept in touch with famous Facebook influencer and advisor Abena Manokekame requesting help on how to manage his sweetheart who has a major vajayjay.


The anonymous person said this has influenced their sexual life as the woman appears to have no dividers in her private part, making the vajayjay look like it’s one major room. He proceeded to express he’s the primary individual to lay down with the young lady so it bewilders him that she hassuch a circumstance.


He composed;


Guidance NEEDED


Hello there Aunty Abena


This issue is with my better half. Aunt the internal parts of her pussy is colossal it’s as there is no vagina dividers in there. Aunt just the lips of her vagina is somewhat close yet the internal parts resembles somebody’s room oo. I like her paa so I’m attempting to discover away to help her oo if there is any medication or something that will support her and What’s wired is that I’m the main person she has engaged in sexual relations with so it bewilders me so help me. My Kweku also is alright paa.





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