#EndSARS: Why We Won’t Uncover Character Of Faculty Conveyed To Lekki Tollbooth – Nigerian Army

#EndSARS: Why We Won't Uncover Character Of Faculty Conveyed To Lekki Tollbooth - Nigerian Army

#EndSARS: Why we won’t uncover character of faculty conveyed to Lekki tollbooth – Nigerian Army


#EndSARS: Why we won?t uncover character of faculty conveyed to Lekki tollbooth – Nigerian Army


The Nigerian Army has said it won’t uncover the characters of its men who were conveyed to the Lekki tollbooth on October 20, 2020.


In a meeting with Punch, Osoba Olaniyi, representative of the 81 division of the Nigerian Army, said it is amateurish for the Army to deliver the names of the warriors who were sent to the tollbooth on that day.


“It is against operational security. We don’t give that. It is against the arrangement of operational security. There is no issue here. The image a few people paint, as though we are battling with the state government, isn’t right,” the paper cited him to have said.


Olaniyi in the meeting, likewise expressed that the Army will just show up before the legal board set up by the Lagos state government to explore charges of police severity in the state just as the October 20 Lekki tollbooth gunfire occurrence, if the greeting is originating from the state government and not the board.


Review that the legal board on Friday, October 30, paid an unscheduled visit to the Military emergency clinic Ikoyi to examine the morgue. They were at first denied admittance however sooner or later, were permitted in. They were later to be informed that the mortuary is going through redesign.


Punch reports that a greeting has been shipped off the military to show up before the board. Nonetheless, Olaniyi said just the state government can request that they show up before the board.


“On the off chance that we get a letter from the state, we will go. It is safe to say that we are not under common specialists? Is it true that we are not part of Nigerians? Have you overlooked that we didn’t go there (Lekki tollbooth) all alone?


It isn’t the obligation of the individuals from the board to disclose to us that. In the event that the state needs the (81) Division to come, they will compose and we will oblige. It couldn’t be any more obvious, on the off chance that they have kept in touch with the division, it is our obligation to go. It isn’t for them to experience the media as though we are frightened of coming.


It is the state government that established that board of request. So on the off chance that anyone needs to connect with us to come, it is as yet the state and not individuals from the board.” Punch cites him as saying


The Nigerian Army had at first denied being answerable for the occurrence. In independent tweets, the military had marked the reports of fighters starting to shoot at the tollbooth as phony news. Nonetheless, in an announcement delivered a week ago, Olaniyi affirmed that officers from the division were the ones who completed the activity. He said they were conveyed to the tollbooth on the solicitation of the Lagos state government and that they likewise didn’t shoot any dissenter.


“At no time did warriors of the Nigerian Army open fire on any regular citizen. From the beginning of the ENDSARS fight, there was no time work force of 81 Division Nigerian Army Lagos were included.


In any case, the choice to bring in the military was taken by the Lagos State Government (LASG) following a 24-hour time limit was forced.


This was because of the brutality which prompted a few police headquarters being scorched, cops murdered, suspects in police authority delivered and weapons trucked away. The circumstance was quick deteriorating into turmoil. It was now that LASG mentioned for the military to mediate so as to reestablish routineness.


The mediation of the military followed all set down strategies for Internal Security tasks and all the warriors included acted inside the limits of the Rules of Engagement (ROE) for Internal Security operations.”the explanation read


The Lagos state government is yet to respond to the Military’s case that it mentioned the organization of warriors to the tollbooth. Lead representative Sanwo-Olu has over and again said he had no hand in the arrangement of the military as it wasn’t inside his purview to bring in the military.



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