Akufo Addo’s Fall Off Stage Is Worst Than Mine-Bosom Pyung

Akufo Addo's Fall Off Stage Is Worst Than Mine-Bosom Pyung

‘Ataa Adwoa’ hitmaker Bosom Pyung tumbled off the stage while performing and has said his fall is path better than what President Akufo-Addo experienced when he was battling in 2012.


In 2012, the then-applicant Akufo-Addo on one of his battle field, had the stage he was remaining on break separated which had him and different authorities fly up high and drop awkwardly into the wrecked woods.


This, Bosom PYung, accepts, in spite of the fact that his stage double-crossed him, his experience or better still difficulty is route in a way that is better than what Akufo-Addo experienced in 2012.


A video retweeted by the artiste has him fall when the stage he was remaining on with others descended. He was playing out the hit tune “Crisis” by Wendy Shay which he was highlighted on when the episode occurred.




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