Military Official Beats Woman For Dressing Obscenely In Open [Video

Military Official Beats Woman For Dressing Obscenely In Open [Video

Military official beats woman for dressing obscenely in open [Video


Military official flagellates woman for dressing disgustingly in broad daylight


It was one serious time for a woman who was flagellated by a military official just in light of the fact that she wore a dress that was portrayed as foul.


This episode which occurred in Beere people group of Ibadan, Oyo state in Nigeria, has the warrior eliminate his belt while the woman stays situated on the ground.


The unforgiving warrior gave some hard strokes of whips on the posterior of the woman who was extremely defenseless with regret composed everywhere all over.


This activity by the warrior has produced web-based media turmoil among Nigerians who couldn’t accept why a woman could be exposed to this basic freedom maltreatment for deciding to dress the manner in which she feels and likes.


This mien by the security powers in Nigeria birthed the notorious #EndSARS fight which is still a lot of alive particularly with the crazy murdering of certain nonconformists.



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