1. They are grateful for what they have in their life. They appreciate the very little thing they have and always finds a way to multiply. They believe the one way to live  and that is, to live according to their standard. They don’t show who they are not and they also understand that in this world, you’ve to struggle because the world will never know you till you do.

2. They don’t try to please everyone. They are who they are. Happy people understand that no one really care about who you are. So they don’t live their life according to the favorable opinions of others. They stay true to themselves because they believe in who they are. They live their own unique footprint.

3. They don’t let negative people affect them. All happy people believe that in life, it is your association that determines your acceleration. So anything or anyone that will take them further away from their dreams has to go. They’re committed to self-development and not self-distraction.

4. They don’t put people down to make themselves feel better. They believe the only way to become successful in life is to help someone else to become successful. So their focus is how to create a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling live for themselves and always learning how to use that to make a difference in their life and in the life of others.

5. They don’t feel sorry for themselves when things go wrong. All happy people are self-motivated. They understand that grieving and complaining truly don’t make any difference. Because they know that success is a battle between you and yourself only.

6. They don’t give up when things get tough. All happy people believe that doing something and getting it wrong is at least ten times more productive than doing nothing. Instead of giving up whenever things get tough, they use the toughness to get going. They never quit.

7. They don’t complain all the time. Sometimes things may not go the way they wanted it to be or as planned. But doesn’t mean it is impossible. Instead of complaining, they all ask similar question. Thus, what can I learn from this so that this doesn’t happens to me ever again? How can I share to impact the world? How can I grow from this? They believe that nothing in this world is impossible when hearts and minds are put towards it.




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