The world will never see you till you make a move. They don’t really care about who you are and what you’re going through. So get up, show up but don’t show them who you are not.

It doesn’t matter the voices that stood against you. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Show the world you’ve got something unique in you and you’ve got to show them who you truly are! What do you do that you

can’t let go? What is keeping you from making a move? Don’t allow the opinions of people become your reality.

Get up and show them the real you. Show them the beast you’ve got in you. Show them you’ve got champs qualities in you. Make a move to create a significant difference in life. Don’t let anything or anyone sway you further away from your dreams.

In life you’ll find people but they don’t define you. It’s the impacts you make that truly defines who you are and your qualities. In this world you’ve to hustle. It’s OK to ask for help when the need arise. You can’t always be strong by yourself. So if you don’t understand something, ask because I do that all the time.

It doesn’t make you look hopeless. But it a sign that you really want to grow and improve.  There is no body in this world like you so make a move. If you live your dreams and die, your dreams will live after you and it’s called legacy

Don’t die without living your dreams. Don’t die without creating a significant difference in life. Die to create a history.  Leave good legacies behind you. Live a life that no one will dare challenge your goals. No body don’t know how you feel so try to find a way.

You know it to yourself that you’ve to struggle and such is life. So just make a move because you can’t be perfect all the time. Focus on what you do. Pay it much attention and let every single step that you take counts.



we believe in our future self!



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