Afia Schwarzenegger Curses Little Girl On Social Media

Afia Schwarzenegger Curses Little Girl On Social Media

Afia Schwarzenegger Curses Little Girl On Social Media

Afia Schwarzenegger has done what can be portrayed as unfathomable and generally shocking by coming down hefty condemnations on an honest young lady on the grounds that her[the girl’s] father savaged her via web-based media.


Her condemnations is a method of fighting back to the remarks the dad of the young lady made about her. The man said Afia undermined her significant other and was gotten. In a real sense, he implied that Afia Schwar is a prostitute.


In all rage, the dubious media character didn’t mess with things in regards to the remark passed about her by the dad of the young lady distinguished as Nana Opoku Eric(Justin Papa) on Facebook consequently the condemnations.


Peruse Afia’s answer Full of condemnations to the dad, young lady and his age beneath;


Let me spell this to you .


I don’t give a screw where my bareness is or where u keep it..


For you to figure you will send it to me or posting it on my remark area annoyed me not one or the other


At that point I saw you holding a female child,I recall curses from Our may your girl be mishandled more than I was in Jesus’ name


I didn’t undermine anybody called my better half, I was mishandled n assault by ex however you guarantee you know reality..


So in the event that you are lying against me dependent on what you ve heard not what you know..May every one of your youngsters endure maltreatment in any relationship they wind up in Jesus’ name..May they endure difficulty in Jesus’ name


The Bible said we ought to do great to the poor,so may each supper I give out on the road transforms into destitution n need your life in Jesus’ name .


In the event that the God of mogpa is alive..May each blessing I provide for vagrants transformed into need n needs In your day to day existence in Jesus’ name.


Paradise Father May any mouth that blamed me for undermining my ex which is a complete creation endure this condemnations In Jesus’ name ..


May their predetermination be destroyed in the pit of hellfire by the intensity of the sacred phantom.


Proverbs 26:2 says curses without cause will not stand however becos you have lied against me may the God of Israel look after his promise In Jesus’


So be it.


Great day..n don’t hesitate to exhibit your silliness anyplace.





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