I Will Name My Son Adebayor-Funny Face

I Will Name My Son Adebayor-Funny Face

I Will Name My Son Adebayor-Funny Face


Entertainer and comedien Funny Face genuine name Benson Nana Oduro Boateng has declared via online media that he will be naming his yet-to-conceived child after his companion and Togolese genius Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor.


The kinship that existed among Adebayor and Funny Face has been an entirely eviable one with many individuals trusting and petitioning have somebody like Adebayor in their lives.


So it came as a suprise when Adebayor who has been favoring Funny Face unfollowed him on instagram.


Clever Face who has just named his twins after the footballer has uncovered that he is anticipating a child with his sweetheart and would name him ‘Kelvin Emmanuel Boateng’ to show gratefulness to the footballer.


He shared:


” GYE NYAME ” … Bro @e_adebayor .. among me and you .. things are not da way they used to be .. in any case, with all da torment and the injury I experienced..


I named #EllaandBella after you .. coming after #EllaandBella Adebayor is a kid .. what’s more, you Remember I vowed to name every one of my youngsters after you .. indeed, even tho .. things dislike they used to be among me and you ..


I actually hold my guarantee to you .. my unborn ” SON ” coming soon .. am naming him KELVIN ADEBAYOR BOATENG … . forever is forever brother ?? .. am truly heartbroken .. ladies Botos have caused me more mischief Dan it tends to be fixed .. brother @e_adebayor brother am truly grieved .. things are not da same without u .. presently the entirety of my creatures don’t regard me .. would u be able to accept da turkey ( Alphonso da turkey ? ) brought a female turkey home ..


He just went to accompany her … . da female turkey took a gander at me here and there .. furthermore, said .. I should fix da issues in my day to day existence before I .. affront her beau ( AlPhonso da turkey ? ) ????? ?? I feel terrible ? ???????”



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