Sarkodie Warns Akuffo Addo Not To Use His Song For Campaigning

Sarkodie Warns Akuffo Addo Not To Use His Song For Campaigning

Sarkodie Warns Akuffo Addo Not To Use His Song For Campaigning


Sarkodie has at last tended to viral reports that he has embraced President Akufo-Addo for a second term by means of his new melody named ‘Happy Day’ including Kuami Eugene.


In a tweet, Micheal Owusu Addo, also called Sarkodie answered to a tweet by Nana Addo where he was lauding and demonstrating a lot of gratefulness to the rapper for his support.


Sarkodie, in his answer to Nana’s tweet, asserted that his tune ‘Glad Day’ which is quick increasing monstrous airplay isn’t using any and all means a political tune or an underwriting for the NPP.


Answering to Akufo-Addo’s response, Sarkodie demonstrated that Akufo-Addo is benefiting from the tune to do his mission; hence ‘exploiting to bite Christmas chicken’.


Giving more clarifications to the verses confused with political words, King Sark unveiled that the signification to ‘aban’ in a real sense meaning government is intended for everything except not for one ideological group,


In an unpretentious way, the rapper enormous up John Mahama as a method of carrying him to the image to make his cases that the ‘Glad Day’ melody is unopinionated strong.


Be that as it may, President Akufo-Addo has erased his tweet commending the rap King, Sarkodie over his underwriting for another term in office after he[Sark] cautioned him not to utilize his tune for crusade.


In the interim, miserable Kuami Eugene has come to communicate his mistake in Sarkodie. As indicated by him, he had no clue there is a second section where Sarkodie will support Nana Addo for his second term in office.


In a meeting with MzGee, Rockstar Kuami Eugene guarantees the section Sarkodie sent him to tune in to and make his part out of the tune didn’t have the support stanza.


Adding that he is stressed over what Sarkodie has done in light of the fact that the political underwriting will influence his vocation since he isn’t yet prepared to come out to help any ideological group.


“Sarkodie just sent me the principal refrain of his rap which didn’t contain the underwriting for Nana Addo to help me to do the theme.


“It was distinctly at the video shoot that we became acquainted with of the subsequent section. We faced Sark’s administration, and they denied doing the tune as an underwriting for Nana Addo.”


“I am awkward, I actually don’t have a clue about Sarkodie’s thought process in the melody. The support will affect my profession. I wasn’t prepared to vouch for any ideological group straightforwardly. I realize it won’t end here” – Kuami Eugene told MzGee.


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