I Am African Angel But I Wont Help Trump- Ajagurajah

I Am African Angel But I Wont Help Trump- Ajagurajah

I Am African Angel But I Wont Help Trump- Ajagurajah

Just as of late, a video of Paula White, Trump’s confidence counsel asking and approaching the angels from Africa to go to their guide as evil presences are attempting to fix the elections for Biden circulated around the web.

Until, that video came out, we didn’t know there was something like African angels—I mean we have our own angels here in Ghana yet we didn’t expect somebody like Paula to really accept there’s something as angels ‘African’s

Well known godly man Ajagurajah, who’s gotten mainstream for taking care of his congregation individuals with luxurious dinners at chapel has denied reports that he joined other African angels to travel to the US to spare Trump.

Ajagurajah otherwise called the Chop bar minister additionally considers himself an Angel and says he’s one of God’s archangels on earth—better believe it, be glad, we have him, Angel Obinim and Obofour— — 3 strong angels right living among us mortal creatures.

In what is by all accounts a humor-loaded post, Ajagurajah in a video says in spite of the fact that he’s an angel, he wasn’t essential for the angels from Africa who are reacting to Paula’s interest since he doesn’t include himself in governmental issues.

“I need individuals to realize that I Angel Ajagurah isn’t part. So those inquiring as to whether I am essential for the angels dispatching from Africa and South America to go help Trump win, realize that, I am not part of them. I didn’t go a few. I don’t do governmental issues as an Angel”

Watch the amusing video beneath:



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