Sarkodie Shared Money Gh500k With Kuami Eugene To Endorse The NPP

Sarkodie Shared Money Gh500k With Kuami Eugene To Endorse The NPP

Sarkodie Shared Money Gh500k With Kuami Eugene To Endorse The NPP

Kuami Eugene who was as of late crying foul that Sarkodie’s inconspicuous political endorsement of the NPP on their song “Cheerful Day” could hurt his profession as an artist has been spotted playing out that very song with Sarkodie at a function.

After Sarkodie dropped the official music video to his song “Happy Day” which highlighted Kuami Eugene, the Lynx Entertainment artiste in a meeting, told the media, that he had no clue about that, Sarkodie was embracing an ideological group as the main rap shipped off him, didn’t have any line that way.

In another video spotted likewise by Ghabse.com Kuami Eugene is seen cheerfully playing out the song along with Sarkodie, who additionally re-repeated his endorsement of Nana Addo’s legislature.

With bits of gossip making adjusts that, Sarkodie had stashed some Ghc500k to endorse the NPP, plainly Kuami Eugene has at long last taken a level of that money subsequent to communicating that, he was awkward with Sarkodie’s choice to keep him in the dark.In another meeting, Eugene had additionally referenced that, his administration was settling the issue with Sarkodie and that, they would come into a type of understanding.

For somebody who said he was awkward about Sarkodie utilizing NPP languages in the song, one wouldn’t anticipate that him should play out the song so soon at any function, particularly when election is only around scarcely any days away.

Indeed, clearly some monies has been paid and I wouldn’t be amazed on the grounds that Kuami Eugene himself had once referenced that, he wouldn’t see any problems with embracing the NPP isif he’s paid—Yup, he said it, perused that article we distributed here.

In any case watch their first open exhibition of the song underneath:



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