President’s 19th Address To Ghanaians

President's 19th Address To Ghanaians

President’s 19th Address To Ghanaians

Fellow Ghanaians, great night, and thank you, by and by, for giving me access to your homes.

Three weeks back, I conveyed Update No.18 on the measures being taken by Government to stem the tide of COVID-19 on our shores.

I demonstrated that the quantity of recorded dynamic cases, that is people with the infection, was in decay, with the measurements highlighting the way that we were on the way towards crushing the infection. Our country, a long time before that address, had gotten acquainted with this descending slide of dynamic cases.

As of late, notwithstanding, we have watched a slow change in the direction of the infection, with an expansion in dynamic cases from the 300 and 98 (398) cases recorded three weeks prior, to 1,000, 100 and 39 (1,139)active cases, as at Friday, sixth November 2020.

The complete number of passings currently remains at 300 and twenty (320), an incredible larger part of them, still, with basic ailments, for example, hypertension, diabetes, persistent liver infection, and asthma.

The quantity of day by day diseases is on the ascent, from a normal of (25) new cases every day at that point, to a normal of more than 100 and thirty (130) new cases every day over the span of the most recent fourteen days.

In Greater Accra, aside from two (2) locale, all areas have detailed cases. Conversely, we have just observed a group of cases in different locales from just a small bunch of areas. These figures, clearly, provide reason for concern, due to what’s going on in Europe and America, following the episode of the second flood of contaminations that is inundating so numerous different nations.

An investigation of the dynamic case information proposes that the Greater Accra Region represents some 75 percent (75%), with Ashanti, Bono, Eastern, and Western being liable for sixteen percent (16%) of dynamic cases. The excess eleven (11) Regions make up four percent (4%) of the cases, with landings in Kotoka International Airport answerable for the other five percent (5%).

Researchers at the West African Center for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens, at the University of Ghana, Legon, teaming up with the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, who is examining the hereditary make-up of the infection in Ghana, have set up that the infection has not changed. Our perception, nonetheless, is that a decrease in consistence with the preventive conventions represents the expansion in contaminations.

Fellow Ghanaians, apparently we are allowing our gatekeeper to guard.

Presently like never before, we need to cling to cover wearing, handwashing, the utilization of sanitizers, and social removing conventions that have become a piece of our day by day schedules, and which has guaranteed that we don’t force, once more, the limitations we are seeing in different pieces of the world.

To help capture this new danger of rising contaminations, Government will reaffirm the means that have served us well up until now. We are upgrading the proportions of following, testing and treatment, for example the 3Ts. What’s more, we will keep on restricting the importation of the infection, leave on the key, controlled facilitating of public social occasions, improve state funded schooling and data, and keep on giving help and backing to people, families and organizations.

To this end, I have trained the arrival of extra coordinations, including vehicles, to the Ghana Health Service to help meat up contact following, and the oversight and observing of asymptomatic cases being overseen from home. We are likewise utilizing the utilization of innovation to enlarge our contact following endeavors, just as the oversight and checking of home consideration cases.

With the inconvenience of severe testing measures at the air terminal, we have, up until this point, had the option to identify 100 and 72 (172)positive cases among some 54 thousand (54,000) showing up worldwide travelers. The air terminal specialists will keep on requesting that travelers showing up in the nation ought to have a (72)- hour old negative PCR test, and we will keep on authorizing carriers that ridicule this mandate.

The wellbeing specialists will increase the subsequent cycle of showing up travelers, in any event, when they have tried negative to help guarantee we have precluded any conceivable contamination that may have happened during the time of embarkation and disembarkation.

In the zone of testing, I have entrusted the Ministry of Health, through the Ghana Health Service, to liaise with all labs and testing offices the nation over to guarantee that revealing strategies are resolved and clung to.

In as much as our hospitalization rates are low, care for the wiped out and the arrangement of treatment stay a significant part of our system. To this end, the 100 bed Ghana Infectious Diseases Center, situated at the Ga East Hospital, will be opened in the following not many days, under the administration of the Ghana Health Service. The arrangement of satisfactory meds, hardware, and individual defensive gear to empower wellbeing laborers to go to locally established patients has likewise been ensured.

As you most likely are aware, Government, in attempting to moderate against the impacts of the pandemic, set up certain measures to pad standard Ghanaians and organizations. Government has expanded the approach of free admittance to water for all families the nation over until December, just as completely retaining power charges for 1,000,000 dynamic help clients for a similar period. The Communication Service Tax has additionally been diminished from nine percent to five percent, powerful September 2020.

I am glad to report that the motivation bundle for wellbeing laborers has been stretched out to the furthest limit of the year. This implies that all wellbeing laborers will pay no annual charges for October, November and December.

Once more, all forefront wellbeing laborers, as characterized by the Ministry of Health, will keep on getting the extra recompense of 50% (half) of their essential compensation every month, for October, November and December.

Fellow Ghanaians, with a month to the direct of the seventh December official and parliamentary races, there would, clearly, be an escalation of ideological group exercises in all pieces of the nation, with its going with human contact. All things considered, I empower ideological group pioneers and allies, at the very at any rate, to wear the cover consistently at these get-togethers.

This undertaking isn’t just for the heads of our ideological groups. We all, in the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, public area, security organizations, private area, common society, expert and exchange affiliations, strict bodies, conventional specialists and customary residents, must do what we can, in this period, to help limit sickness transmission.

Moreover, I ask the administration of associations working in kept, indoor spaces, for example, working environments and general stores, to guarantee the proceeded with adherence to all COVID-19 conventions consistently.

We need to keep up, in a condition of steady preparation, the upgraded framework and skill we have worked during the time of the infection to adapt to it. I have seen from the start hand how, in certain districts of our nation, a few inhabitants are forsaking, by and large, the conventions, for example, the wearing of veils, set up to overcome the infection.

To be sure, the high consistence rate with veil wearing of people studied by the Ghana Health Service in some chosen zones of Accra, for instance, to which I alluded hopefully in Update No.15, has, as per another review by a similar Service, fallen alarmingly, from 44.3% to 5%. This isn’t adequate, as the improved cleanliness and cover wearing conventions should now be focal highlights of our lives, and they should keep on remaining so for quite a while to come until we see to the end of the infection from our nation.

Let me repeat my advice from half a month back. Extreme authorizations exist in our laws for people who need to keep on ignoring these conventions, and for the individuals who need to imperil the remainder of the populace through their activities and carelessness. The law implementation organizations will, where fundamental, apply these measures without dread or favor.

Fellow Ghanaians, I am speaking to every one of you to be considerably more focused in your adherence to individual cleanliness, cover wearing and social removing measures. We can’t bear, at this crucial point in time, to laugh in the face of any potential risk, and annihilate the extraordinary measure of work attempted by Government, wellbeing authorities, chivalrous bleeding edge wellbeing laborers, and individuals from the security organizations, in presenting to us this far. It is evident that the more we stick to the conventions, the faster we rout the infection.

Fellow Ghanaians, this also will pass! For the Battle is as yet the Lord’s!!

May God favor us all, and our country Ghana, and make her extraordinary and solid.

I thank you for your consideration and goodbye


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