“I’m Holding Your Rent Bruh” Oseikrom Sikanii Boasts

"I'm Holding Your Rent Bruh'' Oseikrom Sikanii Boasts

“I’m Holding Your Rent Bruh” Oseikrom Sikanii Boasts

One of Kumasi’s musicians and big boy known as Oseikrom Sikanii has in another post, prodded individuals with their rent and his post has started a shock with his devotees impacting him.

Oseikrom Sikanii who is known for bragging wealth on Social media subtitled a photograph of him holding two costly beverages; “I’m holding your Rent bruh😔😔😔😔😔😔I’m sorriiii🥶”

With his post proposing that, he’s soo rich that, what he burns through cash on to drink in a day, can pay for somebody’s rent for a year, you could comprehend why he confronted the reaction under the remarks part of his post.

One client stated; “We know genuine game boys . We start the game for long time . Charlie your cash bi blood cash . You don’t have a clue how to spend it self … .. When did you see cash . Kumasi champion not Accra here”

Furthermore, other additionally remarked:” Gyama woyali.. Perhaps ksi rent not accra wai”

Indeed, even with every one of these remarks, he’s unperturbed and has not erased the post.



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