I Cant Cry For A Monster Like Late Jerry John Rawlings- Nana Serwaa Acheampong

I Cant Cry For A Monster Like Late Jerry John Rawlings- Nana Serwaa Acheampong

I Cant Cry For A Monster Like Late Jerry John Rawlings- Nana Serwaa Acheampong

Ghanaians are grieving after the downfall of flight lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings. Reports have shown that he probably died from intricacies of COVID-19 on Thursday morning, November 12, 2020.

Conversely, it would appear that some Ghanaians are cheerful hearing the end of the previous president generally because of crafted by Rawlings when he was youthful and wild.

Subsequently, girl of Nana Serwaa Acheampong responding to Rawlings death sounded unashamed to a great extent because of the way that Rawlings made her orphan at age 6, accordingly, she can’t cry tears for a “monster” like Rawlings.

Following her remark, Ghanaians via web-based media have chastised her as needs be through uncivilized words. What’s more, from no place, Akoto Afrifa who turns out to be the dad of the late General Katakyie Afrifa has spit another toxin.

In a progression of posts on Facebook, General Afrifa’s child communicated delight at the demise of the previous president for clear reasons.

However, don’t get it wound, General Katakyie Afrifa was one of the eight armed force officers who were executed by Rawlings and his Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) in the June 4 Uprising in 1979, has saved no emotions.

With this present, it’s nothing unexpected that General Afrifa’s child face could be seen radiating with grins following Rawlings’ inauspicious end.

Verifiably, General Afrifa was a main individual from the National Liberation Council (NLC) which ousted Kwame Nkrumah’s administration on February 24, 1966.

He turned into the head of NLC and head of express a couple of months after the fact and continued to hand over to K.A. Busia in 1969.

10 years in the wake of giving over and resigning to his old neighborhood of Krobo, a modest community close to Mampong in the Ashanti locale, he was murdered as a feature of a ‘house keeping’ practice by Rawlings’ AFRC.

Perceive how General Afrifa’s child responded to the information on Rawlings demise by means of screen captures beneath:






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