Here is one of my favorite quote and it read,

“Don’t just dream, plan. Don’t just plan, work. Don’t just work, outwork everyone.”

There are many people who are living below their potentials not just because they don’t have the capacity or the ability to utilize their gifts and talents. And there are others too who always want the approval of others before they make a move.

And there are other people who also live their life to please what the favorable opinions of others says about their life. I just want to bring home the point that, there are different sets of people living on the planet earth and what amaze me is that, all these people have their own unique footprints which is equally different from one another. So what may be good for a brother, may meant evil for you.

And another reason why people live below their potentials is that, they think what people say about their life is so important that they tend to live to please their critics.

Don’t live like everyone else existing. Be yourself in the world that is trying to make you feel like everyone else is. Be committed to self-development and not self-distractions. So anything that will take you further away from achieving your dream has to go.

God has placed in every one of you here an abundant wealth of resources and gift things. It will surprise you as how many things that could come your way if you decide to use your potentials. Surprisingly, sometimes I meet people and is like hey! I don’t know what I can do with my life. Don’t take anything or anyone else for granted. Don’t take this magical thing called life for granted.

Trust yourself when everyone else doubts you. Master your dreams when all others give up theirs. Be the lion when all others are playing a sheep. Keep climbing the culprit ladder of success when all others are standing down. It is better to walk alone and walk through the right path than to follow the herd and go through the wrong direction. This world will never know you till you do. So make a move.


What people say about you really holds no meaning to your future self. If your life is a movie, you’re the director. Don’t go for looks that can deceive. Don’t go for wealth that can fade away.

My mentor said,

‘’If you want to be successful, do not seek success. Seek to become a person of value. In other words, develop a talent that people will pay you to perform it.’’  I believe we are who we are and more who we choose to become.

I want you to know that no matter where you are, how lonely you feel or how sad or painful your story is, this is not the end. I don’t know what your dream is. But if your dream is big as mine, please don’t sleep on it.

Stand tall and fight for what you want. Don’t wait for anybody’s else approval. Being like everyone else would be the ultimate failure.


we believe in our future self!


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